The morning of November 1st I left Pine Bluff, Arkansas with a song in my heart. The darkness of that early morning turned into a breath taking sunrise as I drove along I-40 East of Little Rock. As I drove across the bridge that connects West Memphis, AR with Memphis, TN, I thought about a day just like that years earlier when I stopped there with Fika and Bo to take pictures. I was happy. Little did I know what would take place in a few hours.
Normally I take the loop around Music City but today I wanted to drive through Nashville and take a few pictures with my I-PAD2 and post them on Facebook. Just after two o'clock I reached the place where I had thought of taking pictures but, with such a long journey ahead I decided I would keep driving.
As I passed Nashville International Airport, I thought how nice it would be if I could just fly home from there. A few minutes later I saw the flashing red & blue lights of emergency vehicles in the distance. I began wishing I had stopped to take those pictures. I put my hazard lights on and began to slow down. Just then, a few cars ahead of me an 18 wheeler couldn't stop for the slowed traffic and ditched into the grass median. I stopped about 100 feet from the cars ahead of me and now the line of cars behind me stretched farther than I could see. What happened next is one of those "Stranger than fiction" stories.

Friday, November 4, 2011


   After I was stopped for the 18 wheeler that crashed in the median, I shut my car off knowing that we would be stopped for a long time.  I was thinking about getting out of my car to take a picture of the accident and check on the truck driver but, that "still small voice" inside me told me "don't get out."  I grabbed my camera and raised it to my face to take a picture.  Through the view finder I saw the trailer truck but noticed the pick-up truck headed towards me fast across the grass in the median. It was pulling a steel utility trailer.  That's the last thing I remember until being in the ambulance.
   In the photo to the right you can see that I stopped quite a distance behind the cars ahead of me in case emergency vehicles would need space to get in and out.  I had no way of knowing all that space would be needed.  You can also see how far that pick-up truck had to travel to reach me in less than a few seconds.
   I was treated at the Summit Medical Centre in nearby Hermitage, TN. Rescue workers had cut my clothes off of me on the way to the hospital to examine me.  When it came time for me to be released I had to take a taxi in my hospital gown. Little did I know there was still dried blood on my face when I was picked up. I wasn't pretty when I checked into a hotel for the night.
   As you can see from the picture of me on the left - my face was one of the injuries.  I can't describe the pain in my face. I can't really open my mouth without extreme pain and I also can't blow my nose.  Not sure what's going on with that.
   The morning news on TV talked about the accident which had traffic backed up for miles.  The front page of the local newspaper had the story and even after I picked up the rental car it was on the radio. I was happy to leave the Nashville area where I could leave it all behind. My face, neck, back, migraine headaches wouldn't allow me to forget for long.
   I am thankful to Melissa and Renee from Shiloh Community Fellowship that responded to messages sent to them on Facebook from the emergency asking them for phone numbers etc.  Thanks everyone for your prayers too!  Thanks Andrew for what you did to help me too!